Admissions to Dr. Streda College

Deadlines for admissions to secondary schools and conservatories for the school year 2014/2015 in Czech Republic establishes the Education Act and Decree No. 671/2004 Coll. (laying down the details of the organization of entrance exams in secondary schools), as amended .

In the first round of admission you can submit a maximum of two applications to Czech school. Results of admission to secondary education for accepted applicants are announced by the issue of the list of accepted candidates ( within 3 working days after the deadline for the entrance examination , if the entrance exams do not take place, the list of issues in the first round and 30 in the 4th and further rounds without undue delay). Decision on the adoption of the admitted applicants issued.

Upon application, applicants may issue a certificate of receipt. After the announcement of the bidder confirms the acceptance of interest in the write school ticket within 10 working days. The enrollment card will not submit candidate who professes to other forms of study. The deadline for the application write the ticket runs from the date when the headmaster publish a list of accepted applicants , the date of publication of the period to be counted.

Candidates are not accepted as yet to announce the result of the admission procedure by sending a written decision . Take back card enrollment of new school by law. The exception is when a student takes it back to the application to another school, where his appeal is successful. The enrollment card for foreigners who are not pupils of primary schools, issued by the competent regional authority not only by place of residence in the Czech Republic , but also possibly by the location of the school where the applicant wishes stranger as if you are not staying in the Czech Republic .

Shortens the end date for the entrance exam in the first round of admission for the earlier period of the term from 22 April 30 April in all forms of education , not to duplicate the common exams for school leaving exams at other schools . Allows you to make , if necessary, for the applicant in the institutional education or protective education filed and handed enrollment card instead of a legal representative director for the device. More information can be found on the Ministry of Education.

Acces to informations about admission is password protected To obtain informations, about admission results for candidates remote access to this site can be used. To protect personal and non-disclosure of sensitive informations even when we can not state the students names publicly. Under the provisions of § 302 of Act No. 262/2006 Coll., The Labour Code, as amended, and Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, as amended, students ensure secure remote access to their data solely on the basis of a login code and password transmitted to a computer network administrator strictly individually via the school. Publicly available information can be found on other pages of this website and in posts in Czech language.

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